phpWCMS open source web content management system
This is the outdated phpwcms project site.
Something new is coming soon. Always keep in mind to check GitHub for the newest release.
Some words
…release v1.2.3 (updated)

Long time ago and you are still waiting for the final release. I have to say sorry - but it will need more time to have it ready. So keep one's fingers crossed… …and always download current development release.

As you know I always work on the system. I have finished lot of things - also worked out some cool workarounds and code snippets. These will help everybody to limit creating and managing multiple templates because most of template rendering can be done by using just 1 main template.

The last amazing new thing was the template feature for article listing/summary. This is coming for every content part. The default rendering will be moved to such template too. Then you can remove every unwanted template and force users to use only the default template.

Thank you for your understanding.

In current release there are many new features and bugfixes and optimized stuff included. So please download, install and use the development release. There will be no minor change anymore. Don't be irritated by the versioning I use at the moment. Seems to be far to v2 - but it isn't.

One important information is that the development release is stable and recommend for us in production. Normally I have used the dev release for own projects - so it's tested. Don't forget to use the forum.