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phpwcms Documentation
A little introduction

I am very proud about phpwcms. It is a good PHP script and very useful too (I think). And my advantage is — I know its functionality. But now it is time to support you with good install, setup and editorial manual. If you are experienced enough please support this project with your own docs or help me bringing texts into clear and correct English.

Before you can begin

Please remember! phpwcms is a web content management system. It requires a running webserver with support for PHP and MySQL. This combination of open source software is available for nearly every computer platform. phpwcms is tested under the following operating systems: Windows 2000 Professional/Server, Windows XP Home/Professional, Windows 2003 Server, Mac OS X, Linux (e.g. Suse 8.1, RedHat 7.3/8/9, Debian).

If you want to use automatic thumbnail creation and conversion into web graphics from many different graphic formats with ImageMagick and GhostScript you must have installed these applications on your web server; it is possible to use phpwcms without. Then you have to integrate images by using replacement tags or normal HTML tags.

To run ImageMagick and GhostScript maybe you will need special privileges on the server. Many providers do not allow their customers such usage. There is a simple command to test the functionality: at the command line insert "convert -version" and hit Enter/Return. As result you should get the ImageMagick version information. If not check the ImageMagick installation. It is neccessary that the ImageMagick installation path is defined in PATH value.
{docu}phpWCMS{/docu} (DE/EN)
Backend documentation 1.1-RC4 (PDF-EN)
Backend Dokumentation 1.1-RC2 (PDF-DE)

Thanks to Oliver "Pappnase" Frohnert, Manfred "pepe" Peperkorn, Achim "ParaDroid" Kirchmann, Alexander Klar and Nate.