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International character support
Changed handling of HTML special chars

Done! Now phpwcms should have no more problems when international characters are used I hope so. I replaced every htmlspecialchars() function with a new function that converts special chars in a safe way. Welcome Turkish users (ŞşİıĞğ) and Polish people (Pełna nazwa kraju: Rzeczpospolita Polska) and anybody else who had problems with this.

Attention when using international chars

There is one problem with such international chars that you must know: headers and subheaders are mostly varchar fileds in database. The max lenght for these fields is 255 chars. Every "non-standard" international char will use 5 more chars. That's why you should use only short headlines and subheadlines. Please post any error to me as soon as possible.

Enhanced Formmailer

The formmailer content modul was enhanced for the use of different languages. You can find all localization files in "inc_lang/formmailer". There are the language file with German and English values and the language specific template files. To add another language orient yourself - check naming convention. Languages are specified by their short country codes: DE=German, EN=English and so on.

To pe-define the language value in forms use a hidden field. If it is not defined the default EN will be used. Here is the example for German IH|language|0||10,100|DE|0.

I remembered that I also have pre-defined settings to redirect the form to a special success or error page. This can also be made by using hidden fields:

success = IH|redirect|0||10,100||0
error   = IH|redirect_error|0||10,100||0


This is Japanese!