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This is the outdated phpwcms project site.
Something new is coming soon. Always keep in mind to check GitHub for the newest release.
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phpwcms is a project that might never be finished. Everey day new fixes, extensions and enhancements maybe published. So come back regulary to see if there is something new for you. You can find former releases on too.

I have to say sorry - but I'm not able to update every text when something has changed. It's a question of time.

Latest release always available here

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current release 1.3.3 (forum)
all releases always available on

Don't use older releases anymore. Development release should be stable for use in production. For support visit phpwcms forum.

Additional software for use with phpwcms

It is recommend that you have installed ImageMagick 5.5.7-10 (or higher) and GhostScript 7.05 (or higher). Current versions of ImageMagick can be found here. On *NIX systems try to find the right package for your distribution. I have tested the RedHat 7.3 package from with success on Suse 8.1 – on Windows use the *Q16-windows-dll.exe installer. Use the support forum if you have questions about how to install. Yeah: and you must have installed current versions of PHP (>4.2.1, 4.4+ recommend) and MySQL (>3.23.0, 4.1+ recommend).