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phpwcms is a flexible, fast, robust, customer and developer friendly but yet powerful web based content management system and cms framework running under PHP and MySQL. phpwcms is in use on thousands of websites all over the world. Try it [some references]! phpwcms is supported across all shared and dedicated web hosting plans offered by the major hosting providers.

The latest available version of phpwcms is v1.10.2, released on January 6, 2024.

Older releases <=1.3.3 are available on (but downloads seems to be broken). If you need help always try our support forum first or visit the community driven Wiki or the restored documentation. The old project site is still available, more for sentimental reasons…

Your articles auto expired by December 31, 2010? Get help. Please — all bugs, feature wishes or security related topics should be posted here.


If you are interested in a development release of phpwcms visit GitHub. Development releases, current is the branch 1.10-dev and compatible with PHP 8.3, are always as stable as possible. Use GitHub Issues to report bugs.


The development of phpwcms is supported by free JetBrains Open Source licenses. For phpwcms-related and all PHP development we strongly recommend JetBrains PHPStorm — The Lightning-Smart PHP IDE!

phpwcms is released under the GNU General Public License. You can use it for free. phpwcms is optimized for fast and easy setup and works on any standard web host that supports PHP/MySQL and was tested successfully on Windows, Mac OS X and LINUX/UNIX. phpwcms is perfect for professional, public and private users. It is very easy to learn and gives you the flexibility to separate layout and content. Lots of powerful but simple implemented features assists publishers and web developers too.

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