phpWCMS open source web content management system
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Something new is coming soon. Always keep in mind to check GitHub for the newest release.
Optimized handling of non latin chars

Languages with multibyte chars like Chinese aren't very good supported by phpwcms. Now I have patched many database fields for better handling of multibyte chars. For instance article titles are now stored as TEXT (max. 65535 chars) - not longer as VARCHAR (max. 255 chars): for Chinese language this has meant only a maximum of 31 chars per title).

Updating your database is only neccessary if you need support for those languages. There are a lot of other changes done in phpwcms - most of them are in preparation for future releases.

E-Cards included

There is a new content part included - I know not so important for you - an e-card system. But it introduces a new way of sending emails. Now (not completely done) phpwcms uses the phpmailer class for sending emails. This results in the possibility to send emails via SMTP method - also by using SMTP_AUTH. This should solve many problems you have with sending email and email forms.

Structural changes

I made a lot of strutural changes - all external classes and includes are now stored in "include/inc_ext". Alle external apps are updated to most current release (HTMLarea 3, Spaw, phpMailer...).